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Although the statistics are constantly changing, there are far more people injured or killed at work than should be accepted by our Australian society.

Our vision at Safety Xperts is summed up by the slogan below.





n o t h e r

v e n t u a t i n g
h i s

Through our services and systems, if we’re able to prevent just one fatality at work this year then we’ll be happy. Of course, we’ll be even happier if we stop more than one fatality or injury in the workplace every year, every month and every day.


From our extensive experience gained from more than 25 years providing workplace safety services to small and medium-sized businesses, we believe the biggest cause of workplace accidents is that businesses often don’t have the resources to develop and implement adequate safety practices. The resulting consequence may mean staff injuries of a physical or psychological nature.

Our mission is to research and implement easy to understand processes and safety tools for small businesses who in turn can pass this knowledge on to their staff. Setting this up may involve establishing partnerships with other organisations to include as many small businesses as possible, as well as delivering the systems and tools in smarter more effective ways.

Our Background

Employee Health, Safety and Wellbeing has implications for all businesses, which if not managed effectively may result in unfavourable outcomes. Given the complexity of the Health, Safety and Accident Compensation Acts, small business generally cannot afford to employ a permanent safety employee to ensure that their organisation researches and complies with the complex and ever-changing nature of these Acts.

Safety Xperts are a team of consultants who have expertise and safety experience from many years of working in numerous industries and organisations of various sizes. With over 25 years of experience across Construction, Manufacturing, Health, Local and State Government, the Equine and Hospitality Industries, we can provide an extensive range of services to assist you in enhancing both employee safety and morale, resulting in a reduction of costs associated with workplace incidences.

Safety Xperts understands industrial relations implications of not managing health and safety in the workplace effectively. We can assist you in developing the relevant strategies to ensure you are compliant with the Health and Safety Act, the Accident Compensation Act and the specific OHS regulations for your business or industry.

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What people say about us

Caylene simplified our systems and actually got the guys to use the documents, policies & procedures. Audit outcomes exceeded!

V Gouldiing

Construction Manager

FSC Accreditation on its first attempt! Very rarely done here in Australia and evidence of the system we were provided and able to work with.

R Nicholson


Working with our system and our guys bore results in our audits and compliance with our systems, couldn’t have asked for a better result.

A Asker

Construction Manager

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