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Safe Person

Safe Person

Keeping people safe is the primary goal of all business owners and we want to help you achieve this outcome.

Safety now has 2 critical components:

Physical Safety – we have had years to manage this but legislation does change!

Safe Place

With more employees working from home now, how safe is the employee’s work environment? How do you as the employer reduce the likelihood of a WorkCover claim in an environment you have little or no control over?

Is your bullying/harassment and other training up to date? How do you manage and control the behaviour of employees that can impact the wellbeing of your other employees?

Have you considered an audit by specialist in this field to provide you with a real view of the risks within your business?

Safe Place
Safe System

Safe Systems

How good are your systems at preventing an injury occurring within your workplace? Do you have the policies & systems in place to reduce the likelihood of injuries occurring?

Are you wanting more government contracts and require an ISO Certification (Safety | Quality | Environment) to help you win these contracts?

What people say about us

Caylene simplified our systems and actually got the guys to use the documents, policies & procedures. Audit outcomes exceeded!

V Gouldiing

Construction Manager

FSC Accreditation on its first attempt! Very rarely done here in Australia and evidence of the system we were provided and able to work with.

R Nicholson


Working with our system and our guys bore results in our audits and compliance with our systems, couldn’t have asked for a better result.

A Asker

Construction Manager

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