Injuries to your employees, if not managed efficiently & effectively become a financial drain that affects your bottom line for 3 years.

Having both effective Business systems and relationships with medical practitioners and suppliers, means that we can provide you the most effective injury management services available.

According to statistics, small to medium enterprises (SME) will have a WorkCover injury once every 7 years and, due to the relative infrequency of these events, these businesses lack both the experience and knowledge to effectively return injured workers back to work.

SME’s believe their insurance company is working with them to gain effective outcomes. In truth, insurance companies are process orientated and simply want to ensure you have the paperwork completed in a timely fashion, as this is one of their measureable outcomes. They are not really that interested in how effective the outcome is for your business.

A lost time injury has a financial impact on your WorkCover premiums, affects employee morale, and can leave you with the potential of WorkCover suing you for a “Third Party Recovery” if it’s a contractor or agency employee involved.

For Safety Xperts to be most effective in your employees successful return to work we need to be contacted in the early stages of an injury


  • WorkCover Claims Management
  • Successful Return to Work Programs
  • Pre & Post Employment Medicals
  • Conciliation Preparation & Appearances
  • Court Representation
  • Onsite Preventive Programs
  • Manual Handling policies, procedures and other OHS Training

Employees do not care about how much you know, they simply want to know how much you care.