Construction Safety requirements are quite unique! There are many governing bodies that influence processes necessary to comply with the Safety, Security & HR requirements and successfully tender for Construction Projects - both with commercial clients and the State & Federal Governments.

Safety Xperts provides the following services (individually or combined) as required specifically for the Construction Industry:-


  • Safety Management System (SMS) to AS/NZS 4801
  • Quality Management System (QMS) to ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) to ISO 14001
  • Safety System to gain Office of Federal Safety Commission Accreditation (FSC)
  • Construction Supplier Register  (Government & Council work)
  • Construction Code Compliance (Any building project funded by the Vic Government)
  • Project/Construction Management Plan
  • Workplace Relations Management Plan (WRMP)
  • All aspects of Safety, Quality & Business Planning for Builders License


  • AS 4801 (Safety)
  • ISO 9001 (Quality)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental)
  • Contractor Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Compliance


  • Contractor Management
  • Incident & Accident Investigation
  • Drug & Alcohol Policies & Procedures
  • Develop Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • Safe Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • All Safety/Quality/Environment Systems training
  • Working at heights, Plant, Hazardous Substances, Manual Handling Risk Assessments
  • All Human Resources & Safety Policies & Procedures