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Getting the Safety Message out there! I couldn't help share this u-tube video on my health & safety LinkedIn group. The objective is to reach out to more people, as the message was not only seen but felt by everyone who watches it.

A safety message when it is "felt" I think is much more profound than when it is "seen" as I think for most part we are movie goer in our own life, so often watching things happening or unfolding in front of our lives, but having no direct impact on us, are too far away from our "being" to actually be felt. Let's face it we watch movies and TV shows on a daily basis, so we are used to being "observe ...

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Safety & Culture

Too often people get hold of a buzz word, and currently "culture" appears to be doing its rounds in the Health & Safety field. In all reality, probably has been for sometime.


I had a person call me asking to fulfil a temporary role and they outlined a number of things they needed to be addressed, with a real emphasis on the safety "culture"

Culture, is not something a health and safety professional or consultant can bring into an organisation. If "culture" is relied upon by the safety person and then this person leaves, does the culture leave with that person?


When you are the leader of the ...

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What determines the "quality" of a safety expert?

The Health & Safety profession is relatively new in the job market, but it has evolved, growing into a career path in which you can obtain a doctorate in.

Sadly there are too many training bodies with vested interests in shaping our profession along with the "oldies" who have been actually undertaking health & safety roles longer than Diplomas, Masters & Doctorates have been around.

If I look at the differences out there in industry that creates some of the conundrum, you may have a better idea of what I am referring to:

If I was to undertake a Certificate IV through VIOSH (Victorian Industry Occupation Safety & Health) one of the un ...

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